A standalone solution for the protection of sensitive documents. Ideal for businesses and individuals who do not look for a full security suite. It consists of modules for both offline and online data encryption. It also enables effective data shredding.


  • Archive encryption
  • Drive encryption
  • Multiple accounts
  • Data shredding
  • System cleanup
  • Panic shredding




Archive encryption

Many businesses and institutions work with a lot of confidential documents that need to be stored in a secure location, after they are processed. If it is unlikely that these documents will be reviewed more than once or twice in the future, archive encryption is an ideal option. Using an archive manager, it is easy to create new archives, to add or extract files, to delete files from archives. Encryption algorithms used by the program provide a superior level of data security.

Encrypted drives

Whenever there are confidential data, processed on a daily basis, drive encryption comes into play. It ensures an automated encryption of documents when being saved, copied or movied onto a virtual drive. Each time the user starts the computer, the program will ask him to enter his drive access credentials, which is the only thing he needs to remember. The user works with the virtual drive the same way he is used to work with any other drive. The operation is easy and convenient.

Access profiles

Virtual encrypted drives can be accessed using multiple user profiles. It is possible to create profiles with different access privileges. Some users, for instance, do not need anything more than to read the content of the drive. Some users, on the other hand, will be actively changing the content of the drive. It is also possible to set up multiple administrator profiles, in addition to the default one. The number of user profiles is unlimited.

Reliable shredding

Deleting documents is one thing, removing them for good another. With confidential documents at the end of their life cycle, the method of deletion is crucial. This program deals with such documents in a way that rules out their restoring ever. It offers eight methods of shredding, depending on the confidentiality of the documents. Some of these methods are faster, some of them are more thorough. For most businesses and organizations, the default shredding method entails an optimum balance of speed and thoroughness.

Easy system cleanup

There are several predefined system locations, that be cleaned with a single click of a mouse, for instance temporary files, surfing history, recycle bin. The user decides, which locations will be deleted, simply by ticking the respective checkboxes. Unlike other cleanup tools, this program does not only delete the files; it removes the files for good. Recovery and abuse of the files is thus out of question. 

Emergency shredding

The panic shredding is an unrivaled feature, enabling to delete multiple files and folders at once simply by pressing a hotkey. The user has to define sensitive data, or better said, to select files and folders that will be discarded in case of emergency. These data need to be selected beforehand. Great caution is advised when using this feature. No data deleted this way can be restored. 

Ajánlott rendszerkövetelmények

  • Intel Pentium IV
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 500 MB of szabad lemezterület


Támogatott operációs rendszer

Operating system TrustPort Tools
Windows 7 (32bit)
Windows 7 (64bit)
Windows 2008 (32bit)
Windows 2008 (64bit)
Windows Vista (32bit)
Windows Vista (64bit)
Windows 2003 (32bit)
Windows 2003 (64bit)
Windows XP (32bit)
Windows XP (64bit)
Windows 2000 (32bit)


Választható nyelvek

Language TrustPort Tools



TrustPort Tools – 30 napos teljes funcionalitású próba verzió




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